[VOTE] Mnet 20’s Choice _ 20’s Performance


Mnet 20 Choose Voting Guidance.

1.http://www.guerrillamail.com/ go to this link,then one e - mail ID will served alreaady.(copy it)

2.http://global.mnet.com/choice/vote.m?langCd=ko&clk= after that go on to this page and click SIGN UP. (it’s right - up side)
—————————————- open this ↑ page on another tab or window———————————————————-

3.paste e - mail ID on E - mail Addess and all highlighted one. You can make your own pass word, but this way is easier.
and check the below two boxes. and click it Sign up~

3-1.like this.

4.This pop - up will appear, you can close it. 

5.You go and see GuerrillaMail page. then 1 mail had come to you.(if not, you wait for 5~10 seconds.)

6.you click that mail and you memorize the highlighted number(Certificate number).
If you memorized, click into the link which they had given to you.

7.new tab will appear, you type the number that you memorize(certificate number), and click confirm.

7-1.phew, now you successfully joined Mnet. (you close it)

8.open the page that I have given you on Step 2. (http://global.mnet.com/choice/vote.m?langCd=ko&clk=) and log in.
Log in is easy. Just you have to insert your ID in E-mail Addess password in Password.kk

9.Can you see all voting section? it’s little bit irritating, but you have to select all thing. 
But we just can Choose anyone, BUT on 7. PERFOEMANCE . you have to choose SHINee. Not any body else!!!

10. After you choose 17 items, click Voting complete.

11. IT’S NOT DONE YET!!!!!!! when you click Voting complete, somethingies will appear, you can close all~ AND
you should reapeat this many time… T_T

I will tell you how to do.

12. You go Guerrillamail, and click FORGET ME. and press F5 key on keyboard. 

13. Fress E- mail ID is coming, isn’t? and you can lon out before ID that you used last time and join with new E - mail ID and
log in, and vote, and log out, and take another new ID, and~#@TR$GT